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Solomon Islands

Located east of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands were the location of many major battles in World War II.

Langenes, 1598

This early map of New Guinea includes the Solomon Islands (spelled "Salomon") as well.

Herrera, 1601

Detail from a map of the East Indies, showing and naming the various Solomon Islands. Note the odd shape of some of the islands, that appear as if they are peninsulas.

Mallett, 1683

A small map showing the Solomon Islands and the northern coast of New Guinea. Note how the Solomon Islands have been attached to northern New Zealand at the bottom.


Bonne, 1770

Map showing two small groups of islands within the Solomon Islands. Then known as Queen Charlotte's Islands, these consisted of a variety of smaller islands, with Lord Egmont's Island being the large one in the center of the map. Currently called the Santa Cruz Islands.

Hawkesworth, 1773

Similar map to the Bonne map above.

Bowen, 1744

A detailed sea chart of northern New Guinea, still all that is known at this time.

Tirion, 1753

A detailed chart of the northwest coast of the island of New Guinea (Irian Jaya today), including the islands of Salawati and Misool.

Vaugondy, 1774

Very detailed map of the explored portions of New Guinea (north and west coasts), while the southern portion remains unmapped.