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The Philippines are a large archipelago of islands located north of Indonesia.

Herrera, 1601

Detail from a map of the East Indies, showing an early rendition of the Philippines, and a key naming a number of the smaller islands and cities.

Sanson, 1652

The left hand side of a double map of the Philippines and Marianas Islands, this map shows the results of extensive western exploration in the fifty years since the preceding map.

Nilolisi, 1660

Map of Phillipines.

Anson, 1750

Detailed chart of the northern Philippine Islands, from Luzon to Negros.


Bellin, 1752

Detailed map of the Philippines, based on the 1744 map of the Jesuit Father Pedro de Murillo Velarde.

Raspe, 1760

Map of the Philippines, with the Indonesian Talaud and Sangir islands included to the east.