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The westernmost island in Indonesia, Sumatra is located adjacent to the Malaysian peninsula. As a result of its location and importance, it appears in many of the earliest maps of this region.

Fries, 1522

Earliest map showing China and Japan (circled in white). There are two place names in Japan, and the ocean between China and Japan is labeled as the "Indian Ocean".

Bordone, 1528

Map of Japan based on second-hand reports of Marco Polo.

Ortelius, 1595

One of the earliest western maps of Japan, with the "island" of Korea shown (in pink) to the northwest.

Hondius, 1606

From another classic mapmaker, a quick comparison makes it clear that Hondius is based on the earlier map of Ortelius, with more focus just on Japan.

Mercator-Hondius, 1630

Updated version of previous map.

Jansson, 1650

Map showing Japan in larger context of northeast Asia.

Blaeu, 1665

Unlike the earlier maps, this map shows political subdivisions, and also presents more accurate representations of both Japan and Korea.

Coronelli, 1692

An attractive map, created about thirty years after the Blaeu map, shows very similar views of Japan.

Tirion, 1740

A detailed map, about fifty years after the Coronelli map.

Seutter, 1740

A fascinating looking map of the same vintage as the Tirion map above.