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Indonesia - Java

Java is a large island in southwestern Indonesia. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is located on the western end of Java.

Bertius, 1618

A very early map of the island of Java.




Hulsius, 1625

An early map of the island of Java. Note how only the northern coast is well-defined.

Jansson, 1657

A nicely colored map of the island of Java, with western Sumatra on the left, and the southern coast of Borneo at the top.

Vander Aa, 1710

A detailed map of Java, oriented with west at the top of the map.

Chatelain, 1719

A large scale, detailed map of Java, with text on the side and in the large cartouche at the top of the map providing details (in French) about the island. The inset map in the lower left hand corner is of Jakarta (then known as Bavaria). Click here or on the map to see a large version.