As you are probably aware, Hawaii is actually an archipelago of hundreds of islands. Only six islands are regularly visited by tourists. We've enjoyed all of the islands we've visited, and each has a different character from the others. Don't limit yourself to one island, but on the other hand, when you do visit an island give yourself enough time to enjoy and learn about it.

For each of the major islands, we've provided you with some details of:

  • what we like to do when we visit the island
  • especially notable restaurants

The hotels, golf, and beaches pages provide additional information on each island as well.

Choose one of the following links to see more information about a specific island:

You may notice that Molokai is missing. This is simply because other than a brief visit many years ago, we haven't been there! A lot of people like it because its pretty quiet and laid-back; probably more like Hawaii used to be.