Visiting Hawaii

We've taken many vacation trips to Hawaii over the years. Hawaii is a great place to visit, and these pages present some of our experiences and advice for visitors. We hope you find it useful!

This site provides you with information about a number of subjects:

  • General Planning - general information about how to structure your vacation, when to go, and other topics important to making sure your vacation works out well overall.
  • Islands - a summary page about the various islands, and then a page for each of the major islands of Hawaii (except for Molokai)
  • Hotels - highlights some good hotels and other places to stay on each island
  • Golf/Beaches/Scuba Diving - these pages highlight these activities in Hawaii
  • Hawaiian Culture - ideas for getting some exposure to Hawaiian culture
  • Music - information and links about Hawaiian music
  • Books and links - recommended guidebooks and other useful Internet links