Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is popular in Hawaii, but diving there is unlike that in the Caribbean or western Pacific. Hawaii is unusual in several aspects:

  • Water temperatures are on the cool side for coral growth, and the islands are relatively new (in geological terms) so:
    • coral outcroppings tend to be very patchy
    • the underwater terrain tends to consist mostly of lava and sand
  • Hawaii's isolation from any major continents have led to a diverse set of undersea life, including:
    • many species found nowhere else in the world
    • lots of moray eels
    • lots of turtles

I've not done a lot of diving in Hawaii, so can't provide a lot of details about sites. I've used the following dive shops, all of which run smallish boats (typically 6-10 people, plus crew). All of these companies have been around a long time, while competitors have come and gone. (Dive Makai was sold to new owners in 2005, but appear to have maintained the same high tone and standards.)